Social impact companies
CSR Policy

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) has become one of the major challenges for companies, regardless of their size or business sector, as they are now required to take social and environmental issues into account in the management of their business (in particular, the Sapin II law, the 2019 PACTE law, the 2020 climate law, etc.).

CSR policies should affect all players linked to a company: its customers, suppliers, partners and of course its employees.

The implementation of a true CSR policy is a source of many benefits for the company: it is a tool for gaining competitiveness, improving its attractiveness and strengthening employee commitment.

Without limiting itself to declarations of intent, Cornillier Avocats assists managers in drawing up and implementing a proactive CSR policy in line with the company’s values, while considering productivity constraints to guarantee the business’s economic viability.

The cross-disciplinary skills and partnerships developed by Cornillier Avocats allow for a consistent and comprehensive CSR approach (human resources, subcontracting, sustainable development, environmental impact, etc.), in line with the company’s commitments and with the ever-growing legal requirements.

All industry sectors
  • IT
  • Health and medical/social services
  • Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Joint bodies, professional organisations
  • Mass distribution
  • Tech / Start up
  • Social / Integration / Housing