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Being a trusted partner means, above all, building a special relationship with clients so as to allow them to implement their projects and conduct their business safely.

Cornillier Avocats has always focused on issues of great social importance. Our mission is, in particular, to participate alongside these economic players in supporting social progress and to work for our clients on concrete and innovative solutions from an environmental, social and societal point of view.

Our 4 cardinal points

Cornillier Avocats is constantly on the move. It defines its path according to 4 cardinal points:
Our values
hand in hand with our clients
pragmatic and secure solutions
and shaping tomorrow's world
an active role in meaningful issues

Our values correspond to our clients' values

The quality of our support has been one of the factors in the firm’s success since its establishment and is based on an individual and collective desire to embody what we consider to be fundamental values: respect, listening, responsibility and trust.

We are committed to our clients’ interests and determined to find solutions that create value in the short, medium and long term.

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Making law simple and accessible

Why focus on the responsible economy?

Cornillier Avocats is driven by the desire to be involved in meaningful issues and to put its legal expertise at the service of the most committed economic players.

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