Laure Delanoue

Laure Delanoue

Lawyer - Paris Bar, Partner

Teaming up with clients boosts my natural energy


Laure has developed specific expertise in assisting with growth projects and complex mergers (due to the number of players or territories involved), in particular with projects implemented in application of legislative reforms: mergers between FONGECIFs (management funds for individual training leave), regrouping of regional cancer screening coordination centres, transformation of OPCAs (accredited joint collecting bodies) into OPCOs (skills operators), creation of support mechanisms for the population and professionals for the coordination of complex health care paths.

Laure has also worked for many years in the SSE sector, providing support and counselling to companies in their structuring and transformation projects (articles of association and governance, digitalisation and GDPR procedures, setting up cooperation, spinning off or creating a group/network, diversification of resources).

Working as a team with Cornillier Avocats’ clients and partners, creating a link between stakeholders to help them build a common project, assisting managers in their decision-making process, and developing educational tools to facilitate the implementation of decisions are all levers that Laure has mastered and uses successfully to ensure the success of the projects of responsible economic players.

  • Mergers and cooperation operations (GIE (economic interest grouping), GCSMS (social and medico-social cooperation grouping), GCS (health cooperation grouping)) of non-profit companies and organisations IT contracts, GDPR, personal data management, CNIL (French Data Protection Agency)
  • Legal structuring of the company
  • Delegation of powers, civil and criminal liability of directors, ethical charters
  • French
  • English
  • Diploma of Corporate Legal Expert (DJCE) - University of Cergy-Pontoise
  • Master's degree in Business Law - University of Cergy-Pontoise
  • University degree - Bilingual Legal Expert (English)