Social & Solidarity-based Economy
Authorisations, pricing, inspection of ESMS (social or medico-social establishments or services) management bodies

Cornillier Avocats advises and assists organisations managing social, medico-social and health establishments and services (ESMS) in securing their authorisations (authorisations, approvals, headquarter costs), in conducting budgetary and pricing procedures (CPOM (multiannual performance and resources contracts), EPRD (provisional statement of revenue and expenditure), ERRD (achieved statement of income and expenditure)), in developing their business (creation, extension, transformation, cooperation) as well as in safeguarding their interests at all stages of an audit or inspection.

Cornillier Avocats has acquired solid expertise in the regulatory requirements and the societal, economic and organisational challenges faced by players of the social and solidarity-based economy and the social, medico-social and health sector.

The firm also acts as a key partner of managing organisations, in all procedures, steps and negotiations with the administrative authorities responsible for authorisations, pricing, controls, inspections and evaluations, and assists them in appeals and litigation.

Fields of intervention
Social action and family law
  • Assistance with applications for authorisations or renewals of establishment and services licensing
  • Assistance with applications for authorisations or renewals of headquarter costs
  • Budgetary and financing procedures
  • Assistance with the implementation of CPOMs
  • Assistance with inspections and control measures
  • Pricing litigation
  • Administrative litigation
  • Development of business and cooperation