Social & Solidarity-based Economy
Social and Economic Committee

The setting up and renewal of a Social and Economic Committee is an opportunity to examine the organisation and needs of a company, the way in which its social dialogue is conducted and its employees’ role.

Cornillier Avocats assists companies in the structuring of their staff representative institutions, in the mapping of their establishments, if applicable, and in the organisation of the company.

This assistance to companies consists in:

  • analysing their current organisation and the structuring of their staff representative bodies;
  • preparing a precise and detailed scheduling of the different stages and deadlines;
  • determining the number and scope of separate establishments on the basis of a mapping of establishments and the company’s organisation;
  • preparing a draft collective agreement on the number and perimeter of separate establishments, and if necessary the health, safety and working conditions committee (CSSCT) and local representatives;
  • providing technical, legal and strategic support in negotiations.

The operational methods, powers and resources of the Social and Economic

Committee may be the subject of negotiations between social partners. To this end,

Cornillier Avocats prepares a draft collective agreement on social dialogue.

The firm’s actions are also part of the electoral process.

Employment law
  • Social contract
  • Social dialogue
  • Staff representative bodies: Social and Economic Committee, trade union delegates
  • Professional elections