Social & Solidarity-based Economy
Management and HR management

The SSE sector is highly heterogeneous in terms of the activity, size and operation of the companies it comprises.

When it comes to human resources management, in addition to team management, allowing employees to take part in the life of the company through employee savings, free share allocation or participation in governance may be necessary.

With both employees and volunteers, some companies have to operate under dual management.

This disparity raises particular managerial and human resources issues.

In particular, it requires active collaboration of, as well as a clear division of roles and powers between, volunteers and employees, which results in the need for transparency in the way operations are conducted.

Aware of these unique challenges, Cornillier Avocats assists companies on a daily basis, with the ambition of preserving the associative project and its core values at their core.

Fields of intervention
Employment law
  • Human resources management
  • Compensation policy
  • Job and skills management
  • Management