Social & Solidarity-based Economy
Governance and internal control

SSE companies, whether established as non-profit organisations or commercial companies, must implement governance in accordance with the principles laid downset out by the law of 31 July 2014, particularly with regard to the principles of democratic and participatory governance for commercial companies, and a voluntary governance and devoid of personal interest governance for non-profit organisations.

Cornillier Avocats assists SSE companies in assessing the governance and internal control mechanisms to be implemented in order to ensure the sustainable, secure and efficient management of their activities.

The Cornillier Avocats team further assists SSE companies in choosing the most appropriate governance system and in clarifying the decision-making process and internal procedures. The firm also carries out a mapping of the risks linked to their activities in order to set up a coherent and secure system of delegation of powers in order to limit their managers’ liability.

More specifically, with regard to companies managing social and medico-social establishments and services, Cornillier Avocats assists them in setting up the sole delegation document (DUD – Document unique de délégation).

Cornillier Avocats has developed tools and know-how which enables its multidisciplinary team to assist SSE companies with this type of mission, regardless of their size, organisation or geographical scope.

domaines d’intervention
Law of associations, foundations and non-profit organisations
  • Audit of the articles of association and operating rules
  • Drafting and revision of the articles of association and the internal rules / general operating rules
  • Risk mapping
  • Managers' liability and responsibility
  • Implementation of the sole delegation document
  • Implementation of delegations of powers