Social impact companies
Responsible activities, social impact contracts

In addition to its legal form, the organisation of its governance or a CSR policy, a company can organise all or part of its activity around a socially responsible project.

Such projects are not only reserved for SSE companies or “mission-oriented” or “social impact” companies. Every company can develop its business in different ways, notably through the hybridisation of its business model as well as through the conclusion of a social impact contract.

The hybridisation of a business model is proving to be a powerful lever for value creation. Initially limited to the digital development of activities, hybridisation is a way of developing part of a business or new activities in a responsible manner.

As private economic players, companies can also encourage the development of social and environmental projects in partnership with public players through social impact contracts, an instrument that allows social and/or environmental projects to be financed by private and/or public investors, which the State reimburses if these projects achieve the previously set goals.

The cross-disciplinary skills and partnerships developed by Cornillier Avocats are designed to assist companies in the implementation of these mechanisms.

Fields of intervention
Corporate law, M&A
  • Business plan, business model
Employment law
  • CSR policy
  • Human resources management
  • Compensation policy
Law of associations, foundations and private or public non-profit organisations
  • Drafting and revision of the articles of association and internal operating rules
  • Recognition of a public interest status / Assistance and charity
Competition - distribution
  • Drafting of contracts