Social impact companies
Social impact companies: status and raison d’être

The notion of corporate responsibility is now at the heart of the concerns of many economic players and their managers, both for-profit and non-profit, who wish to take into consideration the social, societal and environmental impact of their activities.

The PACTE law, by introducing the notions of “mission-oriented company” or “raison d’être” of the company, has enabled companies to anchor this notion of responsibility in their corporate purpose and in their business model.

However, becoming a responsible company is not limited to compliance with these terms alone. There are many legal mechanisms used to become a responsible company, which can be adapted according to the means, policy and size of the companies (labelling, ESUS (Social utility company accreditation) approvals, certification, philanthropy, evolution of governance, responsible purchasing policy, CSR policy, etc.).

Cornillier Avocats assists companies, from the definition to the implementation of their project, in order to help them in formalising and securing all stages of the latter. Cornillier Avocats’ multidisciplinary team assists them with all the legal and social aspects of their project.

Fields of intervention
Corporate law
  • Assistance in defining a social impact project (or missions) consistent with the organisation's business model
  • Creation or modification of articles of association
  • Assistance in obtaining ESUS approval, the status of mission-oriented company, a label or certification
Commercial law, competition and distribution
  • Drafting of purchasing policies or responsible contracts
  • Responsible supplier charter
Employment law
  • CSR charter