Social impact companies
Responsible entrepreneurship

All responsible entrepreneurial projects encompass three dimensions: economic, social and environmental in order to provide concrete solutions to the challenges of our society (environmental challenges, social inequalities, etc.).

Responsible entrepreneurship thus integrates social, environmental, economic and sound governance goals and strategies into the business model.

A responsible entrepreneur voluntarily relies on strategies that contribute to sustainable development in order to give meaning to his practices without overlooking his primary objective of profitability.

The entrepreneurial adventure is an exciting and often tortuous challenge which requires numerous decisions to be made by entrepreneurs, in a complex environment for the project leader who aims to achieve more than just profits.

Cornillier Avocats assists responsible entrepreneurs by helping them make the necessary choices, in line with their goals and values, and by supporting them from their inception and throughout their growth.

The cross-disciplinary skills and partnerships developed by Cornillier Avocats are designed to provide coherent and comprehensive responsible entrepreneurship (human resources, subcontracting, sustainable development, environmental impact, etc.), in line with the company’s commitments and with the ever growing legal requirements.

Corporate law, M&A
  • Business plan, business model
  • Choosing the corporate form, approval, labelling or certification
  • Governance
Employment law
  • CSR policy
  • Human resources management
  • Compensation policy
Law of associations, foundations and private or public non-profit organisations
  • Drafting and revision of the articles of association and internal operating rules
  • Recognition of a public interest status / Assistance and charity
Competition - distribution
  • Drafting of responsible purchasing policies or contracts
  • Responsible supplier charter