Legal areas of expertise
Law of vocational training

Cornillier Avocats has acquired recognised expertise in vocational training, both in counselling and in litigation, by assisting companies, training organisations, professional branches, OPCOs (skills operators), and vocational development advisors in the implementation of successive reforms (Vocational Training, Employment and Social Democracy Act in 2014, Labour Act in 2016, Freedom to Choose one’s Professional Future Act in 2018).

Working hand in hand with companies, the firm is involved in the definition of training needs, in particular in the negotiation and drafting of collective training agreements, policies for the co-financing of personal training accounts (CPF) and/or the management of employment and professional career paths (GEPP).

Cornillier Avocats also assists professional organisations in the contractual adjustment of professional training rules and mechanisms, particularly in the areas of apprenticeship and work-study programmes.

Cornillier Avocats advises and assists vocational training players in analysing the impact of legislative and regulatory changes in vocational training law on both their operations and their activities, and participates in the elaboration of teaching tools to help professionals understand the rules and issues of this regulatory framework.

Areas of intervention
Drawing up the agreements establishing the OPCOs and their status
Drawing up and formalising service offers linked to the payment of voluntary contributions
Litigation on the quality and/or coverage of training actions
Merger operation between CFA (apprentice training centres) management associations
Merger operation between training organisations
Review of the general terms and conditions of training, agreements with trainees and internal regulations
Analysis of existing agreements and developments
Drafting and negotiation of collective training agreements
Drafting and negotiation of agreements on the management of jobs and career paths and the forward planning of jobs and skills
Drafting of branch agreements on vocational training
Drafting of employment contracts related to vocational training (work-study programme)
Drafting of theme-based teaching guides (apprenticeship, work-study, CPF (personal training accounts), professional interview)