Legal areas of expertise
Social action and family law

Cornillier Avocats devotes a large part of its activity to defending and assisting players of the medico social, social and health sector, regardless of their legal form or status (public or private).

Its strong involvement with management bodies, their professional organisations and accreditation, pricing, evaluation and control authorities, ensures that it has a 360° view of their issues and needs.

More than just legal support, the entire Cornillier Avocats team shares the commitments of the players in this sector and is proud to be their partner.

Its experience in the field, its knowledge of the culture, operating and financing methods, budgetary and regulatory constraints, as well as human resources management practices, all contribute to its ability to provide tailor-made solutions adapted to each situation.

More specifically, Cornillier Avocats has developed expertise in providing assistance during inspections carried out by supervisory authorities, in negotiating head office costs and in litigation relating to pricing.

Areas of intervention
Assistance with responses to calls for projects
Assistance with authorisation applications or their renewal for establishments and services
Assistance with authorisation applications or their renewal for head office costs
Drafting of residence contracts, individual care files, reception booklets
Implementation of the sole delegation document
Implementation and holding of social life councils (conseils de vie sociale)
Setting up cooperations and groupings
Budgetary and financing procedures
Assistance during inspections and control measures
Litigation on pricing
Administrative litigation